Extend SIP Infrastructure
To The Cloud

Bridge existing SIP telehealth platforms to patients on
virtually any web-enabled device

Advance existing SIP infrastructure, expanding beyond point-to-point telemedicine to patient-centric virtual care.

& Flexible

Maximize your SIP implementation to reduce patient leakage.  Through VisuWell your legacy telemedicine endpoints become consumer-focused access points.

Cross-Device Compatibility

From any SIP endpoint, providers can meet with patients that utilize virtually any browser-enabled device, without plugins or other downloads.

Easy To

VisuWell embeds easily with existing SIP infrastructure extending the value of legacy telemedicine investments.

Secure Connectivity
& HIPAA Compliant

Conversations and sessions remain secure through the highest levels of encryption across text, video, audio, and other media.

Seeking to provide virtual care on consumer devices?

Connect SIP endpoints to consumer devices through VisuWell

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